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Tradewinds Diet Sweet TeaThe Glucoholic loves to whip up a pitcher of fresh brewed sweet tea from time to time – made with Splenda of course. Often the urge to have an ice cold glass happens when there is not enough time to brew a batch, so we’re always on the lookout for a good sugar free bottled tea. We were very pleased with Tradewinds Diet Sweet Tea. It’s a sweet black tea, and the flavor is slightly stronger than your garden variety home brew, which we think is a plus. Now we know that all the hardcore tea aficionados out there are asking “what kind of rube drinks cold tea from a bottle?” We’ve dabbled with “proper” teas and really enjoyed many of them, but we’re in the south, and ’round these parts we drink it sweet and cold! All kidding aside, we think Tradewinds Diet Sweet Tea is the closest thing to homemade that we’ve found to date. If you want to prepare for those times when you just don’t have time to make a pitcher yourself, give this fine product a try.

Tradewinds Diet Sweet Tea is sweetened with sucralose and acesulfame potassium, and for once someone got that mix correct. The sweetness is an almost exact match to the finely tuned mix The Glucoholic has perfected in brewing his own tea at home. Taking a close look at the bottle and the Tradewinds website we see that they are very proud of the fact the tea is fresh brewed just before bottling, and we must say it seems to be a real advantage for them. The tea has zero of everything, and therefore has no real health impact other than refreshing taste and healthy antioxidants. We searched, but found no mention of caffeine content. We’re going to assume that there is caffeine present, as most teas which have been through the decaffeination process have that clearly stated on their packaging.

Be sure to play Tea Roshambo on the Tradewinds website. It’s a blast!

14 Responses to “Tradewinds Diet Sweet Tea”

  1. Michelle Stevens

    where can I purchase the diet sweet tea in the 48167 area code. I have looked everywhere and can only find the regular sweet tea.

    Thank you,


  2. Harriet

    I am looking for the Diet sweet tea in the 78263 zip code.

  3. Harriet

    Where in San Antonio, Texas can I find the diet sweet tea.

  4. Denise Budd

    My husband and I found the Diet Sweet Tea in Sam’s Club in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania. Does anyone know who else may carry it also in PA?

  5. shannon

    I could get the diet sweet tea at Sams club in West Des MOines,Ia. Now they don’t sell it and I’ve looked everywhere, I would love to buy it even by the case if I could find it can anyone help me?

  6. Janice Cummings

    i am looking to buy diet sweet tea in milwaukee,wi our sams club no longer carries it.

  7. charlotte pate

    where do i find diet sweet tea in rogers arkansas. please

  8. Dick carlson

    Where can I get Tradewinds diet sweet tea? This summer I got it at Sam’s Club ,but thyey no longer carry it. Meijer and Wal-mart carry Tradewinds Unsweetened,Sweet and Extra sweet—but not the diet sweet.

  9. linda mundhenk

    I’m trying to find diet sweet tea in 16oz. bottles. It’s no longer at Sam’s Club and I can’t find it anywhere. Help

  10. Dave L.

    Tradewinds no longer carries the Diet Sweet Tea ( seasonal item ) In our area Walmart has come out with a Sugar Free Sweet Tea in bottles and gallons. great Value Brand. It is better than Tradewinds.

  11. nancy c

    Where can I buy Tradewinds Diet Sweet in the 45631 Zip code ar4ea. I used to get it at Sam’s but they no longer have it and neither does Wal-mart.

  12. Vickie Stiltenpole

    I used to be able to buy Tradewinds Diet Sweet Tea at our local supermarket (County Market). For the past 6 months I have been searching for it. I find regular and other brands, which I do not care for. Is it possible to order it directly from you? Please!!!!

  13. shirley densiesi

    I am looking for the diet sweet tea also. Not available at Sams’, 11901 area

  14. terry bruns

    I can buy the tea in gallon jugs at any kroger store and a lot of other smaller stores but I am looking for like a 22 oz or 16oz 6 pack

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