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DeMet’s Sugar Free Turtles

Sugar Free Snacks

DeMet’s Sugar Free TurtlesDon’t you just know that the person responsible for “inventing” turtle candies was just sitting around one day trying to figure out how to get the chocolate covered goodies they were experimenting with to stop forming the little drops of chocolate around the edges? At some point they looked at a piece and said “That looks like a turtle!” There we have it, a whole class of products from one simple mistake and a simpler observation. Now we don’t know if this is anywhere close to the truth, but hitting the internets to find the turtle’s real origin kind of takes the romance out of it doesn’t it? Let’s look closer at DeMet’s sugar free version of the turtle.

DeMet’s turtles come individually wrapped, and are about the size of a Sacagawea dollar. We thought they were very tasty and, as you might expect, shockingly similar to most other turtles we’ve had. If we were granted one request by the fine folks at DeMet’s it would be to include more pecan and cashew and less caramel. Conversely, if you really like caramel then this might be the turtle for you. Each turtle has excellent sweetness provided by the sucralose in the recipe. Nutritionally, these should be used as occasional treats and not low carb staples. A serving size is three pieces of candy and those three pieces will get you 150 calories, 11 grams of fat, 70mg of sodium, and about 11 grams of digestible carbohydrate. Given the seven grams of saturated fat and 17 grams of sugar alcohol you’ll want to go sparingly with these turtles. The food allergy warnings are prominently displayed on the outer package and on each turtle, so you’ll definitely want to check those out. We really liked DeMet’s Sugar Free Turtles. Much like a Snicker’s Bar, we wish they were a little more friendly to our waistlines and our blood sugars!

17 Responses to “DeMet’s Sugar Free Turtles”

  1. lowcarbinit

    under construction website 🙁 for crying out loud.

  2. twochoclabs

    i like the russel stover ones too. they taste about the same.

  3. Stella Carroll

    I cannot find any stores that sell the DeMet’s Sugar Free Turtles or any other of your sugar free chocolate. I bought a bag a while back but do not remember when I bought them. I live in Miami, FLorida. Can you tell me when I can buy them?

  4. TJ Lawrence

    I would like to order a box of sugarfree turtles.

  5. A Lisenby

    We buy them at either Target or Walgreen’s. Yummy :+)

  6. Jean Chamberlain

    where can I find them in the Tampa, FL. area?

  7. laurie smock

    Where can I buy 4 one lb boxes of Sugar Free Turtles? I can’t find any in the Bonita Springs FL. area 34135. Neither CVS or Wallgreens or the grocery stores has them. 239 947 0008

  8. C Scheure

    Where can I buy a carton or bulk box in
    southern Minnesota

  9. BJM

    I love the DeMet’s / Nestle sugar free Turtles but can’t find them anymore. Walgreens does not seem to have them anymore. They are much better than Russell Stover or one other brand that I tried.

    How can I order them?

  10. Joan Strojny

    Because my husband and I are trying to
    cut down on sugar, and enjoy Turtles
    chocolate candy, we have purchased
    your DeMets Turtles. Of the 6-8 packages we have purchased, every single
    package has at lease one piece of candy
    that has been flattened out like someone
    has stepped on it. I find it hard to believe that this has happened by accident – the odds are against it.
    We would appreciate any comment you might have about this. Thank you for
    your concern.

  11. Polly MItchell

    The package says “Sugar Free” but the Nutrition Facts states “8 sugars” so why does the package say “Sugar Free”?

  12. Teresa Gross

    I bought a package of your turtles today at Walmart. When I got home and open the package I found 2 opened packets and another one had a flat turtle sticking out of it.

  13. Jeff Knox

    Much agreed, Polly. As a hypoglycemic, I HAVE to watch my sugar intake, and I excitedly found these at Walmart. “Oh, hey, wait a minute… WTH?” The SAME package says both “sugar free” & “8 grams sugar.” You can’t have it both ways, Demet’s. I’m calling the FDA in South Carolina tomorrow. Since it’s by state, I suggest you contact your state’s FDA rep:

  14. Charlotte Daughtrey

    Dear Friends Demet’s,
    I have been getting these supoosed to be sugar free candies according to the label but all of a sudden the labelingredients have changed with out notice and they say Gugar Free” but they have 8 Gr. sugar in three pieces and not only that the carb. are outrageous and the package is false advertising and decieving I am very disappointed and will no longer buy these .I am diabetic and have bought quite a few and when the package changed I didn’t realize that the candy contents changed also but not wrapper saying SUGAR FREE which they ARE NOT going from 0 SUGAR to * GRs in 3 pcs, and carbs. from 7 in one piece to 20 grs. in three pieces.
    I have some to return to the store to much sugar.
    Charlotte Daughtrey

  15. Charlotte Daughtrey

    Hi Again,
    I used to buy Russell Stovers but they had to much junk in so I found these Demet’s anda they seemd to be better ingredients wise but now you’ve pulled a switch on me to add all the sugar and carb. isbad news.

  16. Eldon Proffitt

    Purchased two 3 oz. packs one pack had two 1/2 turtels the other one 1/2 turtle in open wrapper. Quality control seems to be missing. Was afraid to eat them,they looked yucky!

  17. Peg Gottfried

    Received a 2.9 oz. box of DeMet’s hazelnut turtles for Christmas. How disappointing that when I opened them only four of the five places for turtles had candy in them. You need to check your quality control. 1249BF C is stamped on the bottom under the bar code if that helps. Makes me wonder about your product.

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