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Sweet Leaf Tea Diet Sweet TeaGiven these tough economic times, The Glucoholic could not afford to go to SXSW this year to check out the latest and greatest in nerddom and music. Like so many others, we here at were forced to follow the event via the intarwebs. While perusing various sites we came across several mentions of Sweet Leaf Tea, an Austin company, providing refreshments. The word “sweet” always gets our attention, so we went looking for a sugar free drink offering from Sweet Leaf Tea. Their entertaining and informative website not only told us where we could find it locally, but might be the only Flash-based drink site on the planet with music turned OFF by default. We were very happy to see that our local retailer did carry Sweet Leaf Tea, and had the diet variety as well!

This tea was very enjoyable. It’s simple and sweet, and has a very refreshing aftertaste. The ingredients list only contains carbon-filtered water, organic black tea, citric acid, and sucralose. The citric acid probably provides that tiny hint of lemon, and it’s obvious that Sweet Leaf has caught on to the fact that sucralose can actually be used to sweeten beverages enough to be indistinguishable from sugar-sweetened competitors. Bravo! We highly recommend this drink. The nutrition label informs us that there is zero of everything you don’t want. What the label does not tell you is that there is one hundred percent of what you do want in a sugar free drink in Sweet Leaf Tea Diet Sweet Tea – great taste.

3 Responses to “Sweet Leaf Tea Diet Sweet Tea”

  1. Russell

    I love Sweet Leaf Tea. Try their Diet Peach!

  2. April Riggs

    Great blog entry guys!

    I am very happy that Glucoholic (& friends) love our Diet Original Sweet Leaf Tea. As Russell stated above, try out the Diet Peach too and let us know what you think. People seem to find it irresistible!
    We also make a Unsweet Lemon & Lime that is my absolute fave!

    It means the world to us that folks like yourself, that can’t have sugary products found our diet tea to be as tasty as the real thing. Thank you so much!

    April Riggs
    Consumer Services Manager-SLT

  3. Crystal Mukai

    Want to try it for free?? Follow us on twitter to find out where to get free Sweet Leaf Tea!!

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