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Worldwide Frosty Chocolate Pure Protein Shake

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Worldwide Frosty Chocolate Pure Protein ShakeIf you are in need of some extra protein in your diet you might want to give Worldwide Sport Nutritional Supplements‘ Frosty Chocolate Pure Protein Shake a try. Marketed as a protein supplement drink and not a meal replacement drink, these shakes might be more beneficial for the exercisers out there than the dieters. Though not quite as enjoyable as the Atkins or Slim-Fast shakes, they are totally drinkable. We thought they would have benefited from a little more sucralose. The label recommends that you shake the can gently, then slowly and carefully open the pop-top. We can attest that following these instructions very closely is advised.

Each 11 ounce can equals one serving and contains 110 calories and 1 gram of fat. A serving also contains 10mg of cholesterol and 170mg of sodium. It was refreshing to see that the label’s usage of “net carbs” was actually correct, in that 5 grams of carbohydrate minus 3 grams of dietary fiber does actually yield 2 grams of net digestible carbohydrate. It would have been nice if Worldwide had replaced the 1 gram of sugar with more sucralose so that this would be a truly sugar free drink, but it’s really hard to complain about 260mg of potassium, 21 grams of protein, and 70 percent of the recommended daily intake of calcium. We’ll take the trade off. Worldwide Frosty Chocolate Pure Protein Shakes are sweetened with sucralose and acesulfame potassium. Persons with milk, soy, peanut, or egg allergies should avoid this product.

6 Responses to “Worldwide Frosty Chocolate Pure Protein Shake”

  1. jill

    i can’t find the shakes with 21 grams anywhere on that website. are they still making it?

  2. Glucoholic


    We wrote to Worldwide and they told us that they do not feature the 21 gram cans on the website. Here’s all the information according to Worldwide:

    Pure Protein 21g Shakes are sold at Trader Joe’s in chocolate and vanilla. The Pure Protein 21g Shake is also available in a 4-pack at Target in chocolate, vanilla & cookies ‘n crème flavors.The Pure Protein 35g Shakes are sold mainly at The Vitamin Shoppe, GNC and Trader Joe’s, amongst other gyms and retailers.

    You may also purchase our products at most online retail such as websites:,,

  3. kelly

    I am just drinking my first one of these now and it is delicious. But I am trying to lose weight vs. build muscle and see that you say it might not be best. Why so?

  4. Glucoholic


    We really thought it would be best to mention that, since the fine print on the bottom of the can says “NOTICE: Use this product as a food supplement only. Do not use for weight reduction.”

    Since it is relatively high calorie, has a fair amount of sodium, and contains practically no vitamins or minerals other than calcium, we would agree that this shake was probably designed as a protein supplement.

  5. jessia

    I dont agree with the above comment. Only 110 calories as a source of 21 grams of protein is really impressive. That much protein is very filling for the calories. Compare that to the 100 calorie packs of all those other little prepackaged snacks that have zero nutrition. It may not have vitamins, but protein is key to weight loss and hunger control.

  6. ailing

    Trader Joe’s sells Pure Protein 21 grams. Target is also selling 21 grams Vanilla.

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