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Diet Gold Peak Tea

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Sugar Free Drinks - Diet Gold Peak TeaA 2009 Chef’s Best Award winner, Diet Gold Peak Tea is a delightful sugar free drink. The brand is owned by The Coca-Cola Company, which knows a little bit about brand recognition. The packaging is simple, but elegant. The tea has a taste that can only come from quality tea leaves. With Coca-Cola’s help this tea should become quite popular. The tea could be slightly sweeter, but what person brought up on sweet tea in the south would refuse to have their tea a little sweeter? If you’re not accustomed to making a trip to the store for a new bag of sugar each time you brew a batch of tea, then you’re going to like this tea. We usually hate to give credit to a beverage that’s sweetened with aspartame, but Gold Peak gave us no options. We kept taking sip after sip waiting for some sort of aftertaste, but nothing ever materialized. This is a quality iced tea.

Each eight ounce serving contains 25mg of sodium and that’s it. Gold Peak’s mix of aspartame and acesulfame potassium must have taken months to perfect, because we think the aspartame is undetectable. With zero calories and zero carbohydrates, this sugar free drink has to be one of our better finds this year, and we encourage you to give Diet Gold Peak Tea a try!

11 Responses to “Diet Gold Peak Tea”

  1. Hank Moats

    I have drank lots of tea in my life .but nothing compares to your Gold Peak Diet Tea I drink it everyday.

  2. Rebecca Braithwaite

    Diet Gold Peak is absolutely the best tea on the market but it is hard to find in most Chicago grocery stores.

  3. Danny Copeland

    I have drank Diet coke since it first came out,Not a fan of waters . Some one at work told me about this . I was like WOW no way this is a diet drink. Thanks Coca Cola so much for adding a little change to my drinking habit. This sure helps give me a varity being I am diabetic.!!

  4. CaroleAnn

    Where can we buy this delicious tea in Venice, FL?

  5. Sue holloway

    i love the gold bond tea but cant find any coupons for it anywhere on the internet where do you find them? sue, disgusted!!

  6. sue

    i have already expressed my opinion several times,but im going to again. i was an firm brewed tea lover, and wouldnt even think about drinking any other kind. for whatever reason, i tried goldpeak tea, and i hardly ever make brewed tea anymore, i love it and to me it taste like the real brewed tea!! my compliments to the founder!!!!! Thanks again coca cola!!

  7. Patty

    This is awesome. I finally found a Diet Tea w/o lemon…and it is so good…….
    Now all I have to so is find it in grocery stores, so I don;t have to pay inflated prices at gas stations..(where I found it)….

  8. Keith Massey

    This is the BEST tea I have ever tried. I am diabetic and it’s hard to find a good tasting diet tea,TILL NOW! Thanks!!!!!

  9. Keith Massey

    Wal-mart is where I found it,for those who are trying to find where to purchase.

  10. Chris Wright

    I love the Gold Peak Diet Tea. My local Kroger is now selling it at $1.89 for an 18.5 fl. oz bottle. Help. I love the stuff but can’t spend that kind of money.

  11. Janet

    I normally do not drink tea. One afternoon I was thirsty (Triple digits in Tucson Arizona) and decided to try this Gold Peak Diet Tea. I am in love! This is the best drink ever. I introduced my husband to it and he insists there must be sugar in it (He is diabetic) It would be great if you could release it into Costco by the case…… What a great tea!

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