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Sugar Free Drinks - Fruit2O EssentialsThe good folks at Sunny Delight were nice enough to send over all six flavors of their new Fruit2O Essentials line for us to review. Essentials flavored waters are fortified with vitamins and minerals. Competition has really heated up in the fortified water market, and we think that Fruit2O has a very good offering. The flavors are interesting and we enjoyed each of them.

The kiwi strawberry flavor was our favorite. Of the berry flavors we thought it had the best taste in terms of both quality of flavor mix and strength of flavor. It reminded us a little of the same flavor in the Propel line of flavored waters. We would recommend starting with this flavor.

The citrus and peach mango flavors were the most interesting. As each sip enters your mouth you get the slightest taste of raw vegetable. At the point you think you’re not going to like the flavor you experience a really nice explosion of refreshing fruit flavor that can best be described as authentic.

The cherry acai, cranberry raspberry, and blueberry pomegranate flavors are all good, but more subdued than the other flavors. They are each mellow, but still flavorful enough that you could probably differentiate them in a blind test. If you’re looking for a simple, healthy, flavored water without a lot of drama, then any of these three would be an excellent choice.

Nutritionally, each 18 ounce serving contains zero calories, zero fat, 105mg of sodium, 350mg of potassium, and one gram of fiber. All six flavors are sweetened with sucralose. Each of the flavors provides a different mix of vitamins and minerals. There is a great chart on the Fruit2O website listing the various strengths of all six flavors. Just check out the Nutrient Explorer and click on the View Comparison Chart button.

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