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Turkey Hill Diet Green Tea Mango

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Sugar Free Drinks - Turkey Hill Diet Green Tea MangoIt’s really happening. The Glucoholic is going to recommend back-to-back products sweetened with aspartame. It seems impossible, but we’re not joking. We started testing Turkey Hill Diet Green Tea Mango with a great deal of reservation, given that it contains two ingredients we’ve never really become comfortable with – green tea and aspartame. These reservations were unfounded. This tea is a wonderful find. First, there’s none of that tobacco taste you get with most green teas. Second, the mango flavor makes this sugar free drink seem more like a fruit drink than a tea. Third, there’s also a little honey and ginseng hidden in each serving – it’s like a little gift. The aspartame is not really detectable, and the mango flavor lingers long enough to make sure any aftertaste is properly dispatched. We really liked this tea, and look forward to trying some of the other Turkey Hill teas.

A serving of Turkey Hill Diet Green Tea Mango has no calories and only 10mg of sodium. The one gram of carbohydrate probably comes from the honey, and there’s only about 20mg of caffeine per serving. As an added bonus, this tea is gluten free. We highly encourage you to check out the Turkey Hill product finder, and to pick up some of this great tea!

5 Responses to “Turkey Hill Diet Green Tea Mango”

  1. LisaAnne

    My mom got me drinking these things and now I am addicted. I drink the plain diet too when it’s all they have at the store.

    Thanks for the review.

  2. Paul

    Does anyone know how long this stuff will stay fresh in the fridge? My grocery store never has anything but the gallons of Turkey Hill. I never buy cause I’m afraid that it will go bad before we have a chance to drink all of it.

  3. jenn

    i drink the sweet tea from turkey hill all the time. i really love it. does anybody else think the aspertame can’t be tasted? if thats true then i would drink this instead.

  4. Sheila Shidlofsky

    Was in AZ and had the diet green tea w/mango and gensing cannot find it in Frisco or Plano, Tx. How can I get it?

  5. Donnette

    I love this stuff. The only place I can find it is at our local Kroger. I buy it out everytime. (which is about 2 gallons at a time in the half gallon jugs). LOVE IT!

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