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Low Carb Drinks - Muscle Milk Chocolate Nutritional ShakeWe’re always looking for great protein shakes. The Glucoholic enjoys one for breakfast almost every morning. We have our favorites, but variety is the spice of life, and we enjoy looking for alternatives to our standbys. Enter Muscle Milk Chocolate Nutritional Shake. This is a fantastic protein shake! There are two things you notice about this shake immediately. First, it’s creamier than your average protein shake. We’re not talking soda shop creamy – it’s a nutrition shake for crying out loud. Second, there’s some serious chocolate flavor in the bottle. The chocolate seems to taste sweeter, which probably explains the 3 grams of sugar in each serving. A complete serving of this low carb chocolate shake leaves you very satisfied and provides lots of protein, vitamins, and minerals. Just ask Chet.

One 14 ounce serving of Muscle Milk Chocolate Nutritional Shake provides 230 calories, 9 grams of fat, 10mg of cholesterol, 350mg of sodium, and 10 grams of digestible carbohydrate. Add to that a total of 25 grams of protein and you’re talking about some serious muscle building. As a bonus, you will also get 25% of the recommended daily intake of 20 important vitamins and minerals. If the carbohydrate and sodium levels were a little lower this would become The Glucoholic’s daily breakfast shake. This product is lactose free, but does contain components derived from milk and soy.

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  1. Janice Healey

    Chet Rocks!!!!!!!!!!

    We Love You Chet! You’re The Best!

    Long Live Chet

  2. Laura

    any more reviews coming? hope you’re ok!!

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