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SoBe Honey Green Tea

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Sugar Free Drinks - SoBe Honey Green TeaThis green tea is a little bit of a change for SoBe. First, they’ve chosen to use plastic for this bottle. It looks like a traditional SoBe glass bottle, but will probably weather a fall to the kitchen floor a little better than its predecessor. Second, this tea is sweetened with sugar alcohol and stevia. We were excited to see what impact this would have on the sweetness of this green tea.

Overall, green tea lovers will probably not like this drink. It’s probably most easily describable as uninspired. There is adequate sweetness, but the green tea flavor and honey are very weak. There doesn’t really appear to be much in the bottle except water. The green tea was certainly more detectable than the honey, but that’s not saying much. We were really disappointed given the pleasant experiences we’ve had with SoBe beverages in the past. We could only recommend this to a person who just does not like green tea and is looking for something not as strong as other green tea drinks on the market.

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