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Jones Sugar Free Root Beer

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Jones Sugar Free Root BeerI tell you, The Glucoholic has been waiting for this one. Since our earlier review of Jones Sugar Free Black Cherry Soda we’ve been “jonesing” for the opportunity to try the root beer. It was worth the wait. We could not find one thing we did not like about this root beer. It has very authentic taste, and does not suffer from the pervasive underuse of sweetener that other diet sodas exhibit. If you are a root beer lover you will enjoy this sugar free drink! We highly recommend finding a retailer and purchasing Jones Sugar Free Root Beer and seeing for yourself.

Just like the black cherry soda, there’s very little nutritional information to keep up with. The signature customer-contributed photographs take up more space on the label than the nutrition facts. There’s only 30mg of sodium in this one, and no caffeine. Splenda brand sweetener is used to give it its wonderfully sweet taste. Jones has hit another home run with this one. If they keep this up The Glucoholic will have to buy another refrigerator.

2 Responses to “Jones Sugar Free Root Beer”

  1. Tiggypig

    great soda,I like all their flavors too

  2. JoshC

    Our grocery store is always sold out of these and the black cherry. The cream soda is not as good.

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